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Best Car Battery Reviews 2019: Have you ever gone to start the car and you could not? Surely the answer is affirmative.

And is that the battery of cars, there are times when they fail, leaving you lying without warning.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, when it comes to search for spare parts and things for the car on the Internet, car batteries occupy the top positions in the ranking.

If you want to have everything planned in case this mishap happens to you, that is why, so below, we will offer you an analysis of the 5 best car batteries in the market.

With this, what you are going to achieve is that when the battery of your vehicle dies, you know well which are the best options that you have to replace it. Although, before going into detail what would be the 6 best options for car batteries we have found on the Internet, we would like to make a kind of list of things you should take into account when buying a new battery for your vehicle.

So, in this way, you will be prepared for this dreaded moment of every driver, knowing what you need to buy the best battery for cars on the market and knowing, also, what are the best options that, at this moment, consider Internet users.

Best Car Battery 2019

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Optima Batteries Red Top
Optima Yellow Top Batteries
Odyssey PC680 Battery
ACDelco 94RAGM Battery
XS Power D6500 Battery

Tips for Buying a Car Battery

When you decide to buy a battery for your vehicle so that your car starts again and you can go on it to all the places you want, we are going to offer you, below, some of the characteristics and aspects that you should take into account before acquiring it.

With these tips, what we want is that you buy the perfect battery and make a good purchase so that your pocket does not look totally resentful. The parameters that you should consider when you want to acquire a new battery for your car would be the following:

  • Types

At the time of acquiring a battery for your vehicle, you will see that there are 2 different types: with maintenance and without maintenance. Those that require maintenance are very undesirable and that is why, so less and less are sold. But, what is the main impediment presented by this type of batteries with maintenance? Well, basically, they have some plugs in their upper part that you have to fill with distilled water.

Therefore, at this time, the most recommended and best-selling types of batteries are those without maintenance, since their use is much simpler.

  • Boot Reserve

It is not advisable to buy a car battery that has a starting reserve lower than 300A. At the moment, in the market, you will find batteries for cars whose starting reserve ranges between 300 and 540A and this is something totally recommended because otherwise, the car will not start if it is in a place whose temperature is lower -5ºC.

  • Load Indicator

When you go to buy a battery for your car, try to have a charging witness. But what is this load witness? It consists of an indicator that, in green or red, will indicate the useful life that is left to the battery of your vehicle. As you see, it is something that can save you an unexpected when it comes to starting your car.

  • Date of manufacture

Look carefully, when you buy a battery for your vehicle, on the date of manufacture. If this date is more than 3 months old, do not even think about buying that battery, since this type of items tend to be downloaded if they are not used. The manufacturing date, if you did not know it, comes on the top of the battery.

  • Warranty

Like any other product, car batteries have a 2-year warranty (some brands even offer a 3-year warranty). When you acquire your vehicle’s battery, keep the ticket well, because if you have problems with your car’s battery, they will exchange it for free for another, as long as you present the purchase receipt or proof.

  • White Marks

As with all the products you can find in the market, in the case of car batteries, they can also be a very good option if you want to save money. Of course, do not buy those that offer less than 3 years of warranty; why? Simply, because its average life and quality are usually lower than that offered by top brand batteries.

Thus, the most advisable would be to bet on premium brands, in order to enjoy the maximum guarantees. In this sector, some firms such as Optima, Odyssey, ACDelco or Bosch, among others, would stand out.

  • Size

The size includes the length, width, and height of the battery. Some cars can support batteries of different sizes. So if you do not want to buy the wrong battery, it is best to check the owner’s manual of your vehicle or go to a workshop to get the battery your car needs.

Here We Leave You 5 Best Batteries

1.Optima Batteries Red Top


Optima Batteries Red Top

If you have already had a car or have ever bought a battery, you probably heard about Optima’s Red Top batteries. This is one of the preferred brands of people in the United States due to its great efficiency and duration.

Red Top is a battery that has 12 volts and 800 cold start amps, its measurements are 10 “x 6 7/8” and 7 13/16. In addition, it has some stickers of double publications of SAE & GM.

Optima batteries use a unique technology that has made them popular among other car batteries. It’s about Spiralcell. It is a new system that is changing the operation of car batteries. This, in particular, the Red Top, also has a reserve capacity that lasts around 100 minutes that will allow you to maintain a constant performance and optimal starting power regardless of the conditions you may face. Even cold or bad weather cannot stop the power of this battery.

However, like other batteries, it can suffer due to the constant vibrations of the car. But the Optima Red Top is capable of supporting up to fifteen times more than other batteries, making it one of the best with high strength and durability.

Of course, you must take into consideration space where the battery is placed in your car so that it is fixed and with the Positive and Negative poles in the proper position.

Some of the advantages of this battery are its excellent value for money because it is one of the cheapest and has great durability and performance, it is also maintenance free, does not spill and maintains a massive starting power. However, it is not suitable for deep cycling; it must be used only to start. Nor can it be completely downloaded, since it would be the end of its useful life and compared to the Yellow Top, it is not so good.

  • Weight: 38.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 6.9 x 7.8 inches
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Voltage: 12V 
  • Completely sealed and 100% maintenance free.
  • Delivers the strongest 5-second starting burst
  • Lasts up to twice as long as conventional batteries
  • Perfect for classic cars, daily drivers, weekend racers and show cars
  • 36-month warranty Mount in any position
  • Not fit almost vehicles
  • Don’t leave it connected.

2. Optima Yellow Top Batteries


Optima Yellow Top Batteries

Optima also has the Yellow Top presentation of car batteries. These are made for deep cycling and is designed especially for those who like to add accessories such as light bars, LEDs, fog lights, sound systems and others that may require a more powerful battery: the Optima Yellow Top.

As it is noteworthy, the Yellow Top is more expensive than the Red Top, however, its performance is much better. In fact, many consider it as the best battery of the year.

Like its companion, the Red Top, it has a power of 12 volts but with 650 cold start amps. It is a little heavier reaching almost 37 pounds and measures 9 5/16 “x 6 13/16” x 7 5/8 “. When buying this battery you should check the space or battery box of your car so that it fits without problems.

The Yellow Top also has a reserve capacity, but only 98 minutes providing also safe and constant performance. Likewise, it can withstand up to 15 times more than other batteries the vibrations of cars, guaranteeing proper operation.

The bad weather will not make this powerful battery stop working, thanks to the number of amps it has and its great power which should not have problems to start.

This model of Optima Batteries is considered as the best deep cycle battery, even with the best price. It has the Spiralcell technology and is also maintenance free and spill-free.

  • Weight: 36.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.8 x 7.7 inches
  • Batteries: 1 12 V
  • Voltage: 12 V .
  • Compact and portable battery which is ideal for smaller car and boats.
  • Has durable and thick plastic exterior and AGM technology, thus it has an excellent vibration resistance (15 times the average level of vibration resistance compared to other competitors).
  • Powerful enough to start a small or mid-sized outboard motor with the ability to deliver 650 cold cranking AMPs
  • Reserve capacity of 98 minutes
  • High risk of overcharging and damaging due to AGM technology

3. Odyssey PC680 Battery:


Odyssey PC680 Battery

If you are looking for a standard battery with an affordable price and simple operation, then the Odyssey PC680 is what you are looking for. This battery is one of the cheapest in the market, however, that does not mean that it is of poor quality, on the contrary, it is surprising the quality it offers with such a low price.

In addition to the price, another surprising thing about the PC680 is the limited 2-year total replacement warranty that comes with it, which means that if it does not work or stops working at this time you can get another totally new battery.

The CCA included in this battery is much lower than those previously reviewed, however, this has a longer life because, unlike other batteries, this Odyssey has up to 400 cycles at 80%. Compare it yourself with other batteries on the market and you will notice the difference when it is recharging. It only takes between 4 and 6 hours to be back to 100%.

Its measurements are 7.3 “x3.1” x 6.7 “, it is very versatile when installing in the car and has an anti-spill design. In addition, it also has the system resistant to vibration, so it can withstand strong impacts and vibrations caused by the car.

The temperatures and bad times do not affect this battery either, thanks to its resistance and impermeability even in complicated environments. With its low price and all these features, we can say that the best battery for cars. The only detail that presents the Odyssey is that it does not come with the terminals included and is not the best option for extreme environments.

  • Weight: 17.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.8 x 3.7 inches
  • Batteries: 1 12 V
  • Voltage: 12 V 
  • Amperage: 18 A
  • Has 2 functions: as a starting battery and a deep cycle
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Providing enough power to start RVs because of its high 750 cold cranking AMP rating
  • Hard to be damaged even if used to power a large vehicle with a lot of onboard accessories
  • Has the strong ability to prevent vibration and extreme shock
  • Has a high risk of overcharging
  • Terminals not included

4.ACDelco 94RAGM Battery


ACDelco 94RAGM Battery

If your vehicle is a truck or a truck, the best option in terms of batteries would be this one. With 800 CCA can start diesel engines of great power and can also withstand extremely cold climates. It also has 140 Ah, with which you can boost current to a 22 “LED light bar, or a large sound system without any problem.

ACDelco has been dedicated to developing batteries for heavy cars, although its costs seem high are really worthwhile equipment because they guarantee excellent performance. The 94RAGM can make high-impact, high-density negative passes that work wonders and maintain battery performance. It also allows increasing the useful life of it.

This battery has improved an alloy and a silver stamping of calcium that not only gives the team better looks but also helps to maintain its longevity and overall performance. In addition, it has a positive calcium grid that maximizes conductivity and handles lower resistance.

To make matters worse, the ACDelco has a Robust Wrap Separator on the back, which protects it from perforations and allows to maintain a greater circulation of acid and avoid shorts. In this way, the battery stays colder and in that way also increases the longevity of it. With this battery, you can forget about buying a new one for several years.

Despite its power and all its excellent features, the 94RAGM has approximate dimensions of 12.4 “x 6.9” x 7.5 “, a considerable size for all the performance it has, so you must take into account and measure well space in your car before buying it. The battery has a weight of 51.6 pounds, being one of the heaviest of those that are being reviewed in this article.

As we can see, this battery has great and good characteristics, however, it should also be mentioned that it comes with a 3-year limited warranty, it is free of spills and maintenance. Its weight and size could be considered a disadvantage, but without a doubt, it is a team that is worth buying.

  • Weight: 51.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.4 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Voltage: 12V 
  • Completely sealed and 100% maintenance free.
  • High density negative paste, helps increasing overall lifespan and performance
  • Vent caps design, avoids acid leakage
  • Calcium Lead positive grid, enables for low resistance, heightens conductivity.
  • Enhanced life alloy/ Silver calcium stamped alloy, extends cycle life and enhances performance
  • Do not have a capacity to operate BMW cars

5. XS Power D6500 Battery


XS Power D6500 Battery

If you are looking for a battery with exceptional performance and power, then the XS Power D6500 may be one of the best options for you. This battery can be used to change the starter motor, or it can even be a backup in case you need fuel to power your car’s sound settings.

This battery has great potential to provide enough power to many amplifiers and other sound accessories that you can install in your car.

The XS Power D6500 uses a technological system of absorbed glass mats. Something really different from other models that normally use standard lead plates. This system helps prevent leaks or spills, making it easy to place on either side of the car. It also offers a low resistance that allows you to achieve better power and output at any time.

However, you should consider all the accessories or sound devices that you have in your car before buying this battery, because you may be paying much more than you really need. In addition, it is larger and heavier than most batteries and it can be a problem to install it.

 In short, this battery can be exclusive for certain people who have different devices that need strange current. It also resists vibrations, has low resistance, can be installed in any way, but is heavier and bulkier than most batteries and has a limited warranty for 3 years.

  • Weight: 58.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 9.5 inches
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Voltage: 12V 
  • Perfect for 3000-4000W car audio systems.
  • Sealed AGM design
  • A replacement for the standard car battery or an additional battery
  • Leak-proof and non-hazardous design
  • Mount any position
  • Resists extreme shock and vibration for ultimate performance.
  • Expensive.